Classroom Volunteers

At Summit View Elementary we rely heavily on our amazing parent community to make our classroom and school events a success. Without our volunteers, many events would not be possible. Each classroom has a Classroom Volunteer Coordinator (CVC) who is the liaison for PTA and works directly with their individual teacher for any classroom specific volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers are always needed at SVE and make a big difference in our classrooms. Every child is so unique and learns at an individual pace. Therefore, teachers are always faced with the challenge of reaching out to each child. This is where volunteers make all the difference. The more volunteers a classroom can have, the more successful everyone becomes, including YOUR child! So won’t you help?

We welcome you to sign up through your Classroom Coordinator to find a volunteer spot that is right for you.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”Elizabeth Andrew

Ready to Volunteer?

Read about our 2018-2019 SVE Volunteer Opportunities!


Please e-mail us at sverocks@gmail.com.