PTA Business Partnerships

The goals of our PTA are to enrich our children’s education, support our amazing teachers and staff, and to create a strong school community.

Throughout the year our PTA works to raise funds for SVE to off-set the cost of school necessities and support unique learning experiences in the classroom. We strive to ensure teachers are not spending out of pocket money to buy supplies or to provide paper for the school for all of its printing requirements.

Douglas County School District is currently suffering from massive budget cuts and our PTA is working tirelessly to close the financial gap that our school is experiencing by raising funds to support and maintain many of the programs we believe truly set our school community apart. For example, Second Specials – STEM, Technology, Art, Music, and PE, providing grade-level Educational Assistants and many other programs that, in the light of recent budget cuts, we risk losing.

We are asking businesses in our community to consider making monetary, tax deductible donations of any kind to our PTA. A one time, monthly, or yearly donation to our PTA would help to ensure our students and staff have the tools they need to succeed.

In a show of appreciation for your business’ monetary contribution, we would like to promote your business through our community emails to parents, monthly newsletters, recognition at school-wide events, school Facebook page, PTA website, PTA bulletin board, and physical signage around the school.

On behalf of the SVE PTA Board Members, we greatly appreciate your time and consideration in partnering with us to ensure our students, teachers, and staff have access to the funds they need to ensure an exceptional educational experience for our students.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information, or complete the PTA Business Sponsorship Enrollment Form to get started today!