Why Fundraise Already?

We’re a month into school and we’re starting to hit our groove.  So it must mean it’s time for our annual fall fundraiser and Dance-A-Thon!

Wait – only a month into school and the PTA is already asking for donations?

YES.  And here’s why…

Teacher Grant Program

The Teacher Grant Program is near and dear to the SVE PTA and is funded completely by the Dance-A-Thon.  Teachers are provided a request form where they can ask for meaningful additions for their classrooms that go above and beyond what is provided by the district.   The PTA reviews these requests with Mr. Boser and then presents them to the general PTA membership.  We then are able to purchase the approved items that will impact every student at our school. How cool is that?

Let’s look at how this might impact little Susie, a totally fictional student.  Susie uses a Hokki stool (alternative seating) in her second grade classroom that was purchased by the PTA.  Because she is able to appropriately wiggle her body, her brain can better focus on the math lesson being taught.  In third grade she is working in Reflex Math and recalls the lesson and applies it to the problem given and is able to build on her understanding. See where this is going…not only will the impact carry with them, a new student will be impacted when they enter the classroom.

For the 2018-2019 school year, we were able to provide almost $13,000 of educational tools, supplies and materials. Items such as classroom novel sets, alternative seating, mindfulness chimes, Djembe drums, art supplies, digital drawing pads, and an 18 month subscription to the online resource, Reflex Math. We also purchase the ribbons and metals given at Field Day and the 6th grade Hexatholon.

Educational Assistants (EAs)

Another goal of the SVE PTA is to raise funds to help keep our beloved Educational Assistants, or EAs, at our school.  Did you know that Summit View is one of the only elementary schools in the district that has an EA per grade level?  This has a HUGE impact on both our children and teachers.

Miss Kristi just finished making copies of the worksheets the class will use tomorrow, but right now she is spending time with the second grade classes at lunch and recess. As the EA, Miss Kristi is there to help with the gogurt pouch little Susie is struggling to open, will give Johnny a high five after he wins the first round of Gaga ball and defuse an argument starting over who is supposed to bring the lunch bin back. Later today, she hopes to work one-on-one with a few students during literacy.  

While the PTA does not actually provide funding for staff, we are able to offset other school costs allowing more of the school budget to be allocated to salaries.  The fundraising done by the PTA helps keep our EAs and our second specials, such as Tech, STEM and Library.

100% of the money raised during the Dance-A-Thon stays right here at Summit View!

So why are we already asking for donations?  Because it matters to our students right now. We hope we can count on your support. Donations can be made via Paypal or checks made payable to “SVE PTA.” Pledge envelopes are due to the school no later than Friday, September 13th.

For more information about our Dance-A-Thon, visit our fundraising page.