PTA doesn’t stand for “Parents to Avoid”

There are certain stigmas that are attached to “PTA”… what does it make you think of?

The elementary mom clique that reminds you of high school?
Stepford wives of Highlands Ranch?
The movie Bad Moms? Be honest!  

We see you avoiding eye contact when you take the school calendar magnet at the Meet & Greet.  We know you walk in the other direction when you’ve been spotted by the clipboard-wielding volunteer at the Groove A Thon.

But we promise, PTA doesn’t stand for “Parents to Avoid!” 

At Summit View, we want you to think of the amazing things PTA does for our school community.

Last year alone, our Teacher Grants program provided more than $12,500 worth educational tools and classroom materials.  Items that OUR teachers requested and went directly to OUR classrooms.  That’s huge!  Of course, our Staff Appreciation Committee spoils the staff all year long with monthly treats and an entire week dedicated to staff appreciation.

Did you know the SVE PTA hosts several FREE events throughout the year?  Events such as the Date Night with Dad and the WatchDOGS program, the Chili Cook Off and Bingo Night and the ever-popular Valentine’s Dance are all organized and paid for by the PTA. We also provided those school calendar magnets, host Muffins in the Morning twice a year and run the Reading Program.

We need you to join the SVE PTA.  Truly, WE NEED YOU!

Joining the PTA does NOT mean you’re signing up to volunteer, it simply means that you support us and believe in what the PTA does for our amazing school.  Read that one more time: Joining the PTA does NOT mean you’re signing up to volunteer.  Your annual membership is $10 and you can sign up right now.  Super, duper easy.

Do hope you’ll volunteer?  Absolutely

Do we run short on volunteers at our events? Almost always. 

Do we expect PTA members to volunteer?  Nope.

Do we require you attend PTA meetings? Are you kidding, we all have busy lives!  


Are you asking yourself, “If I’m not going to volunteer and I don’t plan on attending meetings, why would I join the PTA?”  It’s a fair question to which we say:  To be involved in your child’s school, even if it’s just to get an email or two from the PTA. To show us that what we do as a PTA matters to you and to your family.  To just support us.


If you have any questions about the SVE PTA, what we do, how we spend our fundraising dollars, please email us at [email protected].