Spirit Rock

TWO SPIRIT ROCKS – Summit View Pkwy & Piedmont Dr

School Year Rates:        Summer Rates:

$20 per day                 $10 per day


Use our SignUp Genius to reserve the day you want. Please consider using environmentally friendly paint when painting the rock.

NOTE: Your 24 hour rental starts at 4pm the day prior to your rental.  If your child’s birthday is August 15th, reserve August 15th and you may begin painting AFTER 4pm on August 14th.

Summit View Elementary PTA: SVE Spirit Rock 2023-2024 (signupgenius.com)


Payment is due when the reservation is made. Your reservation could be removed if payment is not received in a timely manner. This is to keep it fair for all SVE Families.  

Paypal payments preferred. If paying by check, make payable to “SVE PTA” and bring it to the SVE Office at time of reservation – please note SPIRIT ROCK & the date you are reserving in the memo.



What is a “Spirit Rock?”

A Spirit Rock is an opportunity to share exciting events with our school community by painting your own message.  Parents, students, and staff may “Rent the Rock” to recognize a student’s birthday, show school spirit, wish a team good luck, thank a teacher, congratulate events, etc. It is a great way to spread positive messages and increase excitement!

All proceeds benefit Summit View Elementary!

How can I rent the rock(s)?
It’s simple, just go to our Sign-Up Genius and reserve the actual date you want. You may begin painting at 4pm on the day prior to your reservation.  Please respect the family before you and allow them to enjoy their rock before you paint over it.

How much does it cost to rent the rock and how do I pay?
PAYMENT IS DUE AT THE TIME OF RESERVATION.  Daily rates are $20 during the school year and $10 during the summer. You may reserve multiple days consecutively.  100% of your donation goes to SVE. Payments are accepted through PayPal (prefered) or by check payable to SVE PTA. Checks must be dropped off to the front office prior to the rental date – with your name & date written in the memo.  Your rental may be removed if payment is not received in a timely matter.

What supplies do I need?
You will typically need two or three cans of spray paint for the base coat and additional paint for your design. For more intricate designs, craft paint, foam brushes and even stencils work great.

What can I reserve the rocks for?
You can reserve the rocks for anything!! A student’s birthday, thank a teacher or staff member, congratulatory events, good luck on competitions and tournaments, recognizing milestones… The rock is a fun way to spread any kind of positive message. Please note that profanity and political messages are not permitted.

What if I reserve the rock and the weather is bad?
The rock can be towel dried and the paint will adhere even in the rain and or snow if you want to brave the elements. If painting in the rain or snow is not your thing, revisit the calendar and reserve the next available date and email [email protected] to advise of the date change.

Can the PTA paint the rock for me?
The PTA is not responsible for painting the rock. You can find someone to paint it for you, but painting the rock is fun, and we are sure that no matter what you do, the person you are painting it for will love it.

What if the rock is already reserved on the date I want?
Rock reservations are on a first come, first serve basis so make your reservations NOW!! If the date you want is already reserved, choose the next available date, either before or after.  Don’t forget we do have two rocks to choose from now.

What if I’m painting the rock and someone shows up thinking they reserved it?
If this happens, please contact [email protected].